Geothermal Renewable Energy

Geothermal Renewable Energy is the form of energy which is produced by the heat of the earth, as we know earth is really hot in its core sometimes this heat comes out from the core in the form of volcanic eruptions and other incidents. This heat can be used to generate electricity, because the heated core of the earth heats up the water surrounding it, this heated water can be used to drive the turbines and to produce electricity.

But this sort of energy can only be found where the concentration of Geothermal Renewable Energy is very high, this type of energy cannot be produced ever where, some areas where it could be found is the western side of US, some areas in Iceland, South Africa and New Zealand.

The bad news about the geothermal electricity is that the areas which are active now, may not be active in the future, so the plants which are placed there to produce electricity becomes defunct or inactive, for renewing the energy source we need to pump a lot of water in the system again and again to keep the system working. There are several examples where the system became weak or inactive like in northern California, where it was assumed that these sources are infinite but it declined in 1980. This was actually happened because the usage of resource was faster than it could be replaced by the nature.


Geothermal Renewable Energy is renewable and is available all around but the fact is that, it may not be used to produce the cost effective electricity. A deep research is needed to harvest this kind of energy resource and the other problem of this energy is that it cannot be produced everywhere.


There are some environmental concerns as some of the applications of this system produce harmful carbon dioxide along with hydrogen related emissions, it also requires cooling for which almost 100,000 gallons of water is required for 1 mega watt of electricity.


The other type of Geothermal Renewable Energy is earth energy which is extracted with the help of heat pumps, this type of energy is used to directly heat the house or vice versa. The heated water is contained below the ground of house to keep the temperature comfortable. Researches show that no other technology is more efficient than heat pumps. This is also good for environment because it does not emits any harmful gases like other air conditioning equipments and saves electricity too.


Hydrothermal reserves are the center of Geothermal Renewable Energy, there are many countries which are benefited by these resources like, Mexico, Indonesia, Central and South America etc., if all these sources are used properly it may become the largest used source of energy and environment friendly and economical too.


There are also other troubles which prevent us from captivating full benefit of this form of power. This technology of using geothermal resources is not very economical because of some constraints; the funding for extraction of magma is not available due to which it is really costly at present to use this.

Till these obstacles are there we may not be able to use this form of energy in a low cost. The first thing is to remove these problems and for this world community of nations will have to decide the future of this resource.


Geothermal Renewable Energy
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