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Oil is used as the best energy source, which consist 38 % leads to the total energy production, even coal is also considered, as good energy source comprises 26% energy producer.  Nuclear as well as hydroelectric energy sources supply uniformly at 6% and remaining 1% coming from wind, solar, wave, tidal and geothermal sources.

The contribution of oil has both strategic and geopolitical implications for the whole world.  Oil is geopolitical because there are ample of known oil reserves like in the Middle East, which is considered as anti- American.  Iraq is known as the second major place, which has the largest oil reserves in the world. It was the hidden plan in the U.S. attack of Iraq and toppling of a legitimate or some people call it illegitimate, presidency of sad dam Hussein.

When the cartel of OPEC (organization of petroleum exporting countries) was strong, than once Arab countries used oil as a political weapon. Reduced OPEC’s political and economic influenced the discovery of new and large oil fields. Oil is considered as one of the war material because with the help of it country can win the war. Copper and aluminum like oil is used as strategic raw material, U.S. imports loads of oil not for its consumption but for the stockpiling in underground salt mines in Utah and Nevada.

This strategy is used while supplying these crucial materials at wartime. U.S. stores ‘the strategic petroleum reserve’ up to 700 million barrels. Pristine places like Alaska, around the great lakes area and continental shelf are trying to search oil by drilling but it includes the risk factor regarding the environment.


Nowadays the consumption of coal has increased a lot because of the increasing oil prices.  In comparison to all other energy sources cola is the cheapest energy source. Now in market with the help of new carbon-emission technologies it is possible to have clean burning. It is easy to supply the coal in contrast to supply oil.


Gas is treated as the cleaner fuel in comparison to the oil and coal, but it has some disadvantages and some of them are it is a quickly flammable. This energy source is cooled and pressurized to formulate it into its liquid form.   There is an appropriate term which is used for it is liquefied natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.


In Germany and France, nuclear power is a major energy source.  Its critics mention safety concern because what will happen at Chernobyl reactor. Due to explosion and other environmental problem, Europe is suffering from many birth defects diseases because of genetic harms.  There is new development in a nuclear reactor that consists ceramics for its core.  Ceramics prevent meltdowns because it has high acceptance for heat.


Nowadays many countries are using hydroelectric power because they do not want nuclear power plants because it is not safe. This is a feasible alternative for those countries, which have adequate water supply. The Hoover dam is the largest dam constructed in the U.S. the three gorges dam in mainland china differs from the Hoover dam. It was operated in 2011; it was the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. This is producing 22,500 megawatts.

This dam spans the Yangtze River in the Hubei province and it is the major civil work since the construction of the great china wall.  The main purpose of building this dam is to control flood. China is planning to have 14-facility hydropower long-term plan in upcoming years until 2020.


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