Chemical Energy Source

Energy surrounds us in many forms, in fact there is energy everywhere, and one such form of energy is Chemical Energy.  This is the most commonly used form of energy, it’s in fact clipped to our lives that we don’t even think of it while using it, when we are using a torch which uses battery is a form of this type of energy, using cell phones, using our TV remote which performs the function that we require all these are run with the help of this sort of power.

We don’t acknowledge that even the electricity we are using it due to this energy, as burning coal to drive the turbines is also a part of Chemical Energy, similarly when fuel is combusted in our vehicles or the gas which provides a comfortable temperatures in our house all of these are various forms of this type of energy. As we see that we are using this and experiencing this energy in all walks of life but is has become so common to us that we are some what unaware of it that we are living due to this energy only.

This energy is generated because of the chemical reactions that occur in various compounds. Now what is a chemical compound? This is a collection of several atoms which are attached to each other, when the bond which is binding them with each other breaks, a chemical reaction is triggered and some new elements are created, in this form Chemical Energy is produced.

If one exothermic chemical reaction occurs the energy is released in the form of heat, it results in the reduction of the compound; we can use this energy to power our day to day lives. We can see this energy working every day everywhere, for example sun heating the ground some reactions take place and the energy is released in the form of heat.

We get this energy due to the breakage of the bond in the various atoms, when these atoms are broken down, they generate some new molecules and the energy due to breaking of these bonds of the atoms is released. The simple example of this is as we eat food the molecules present in our food are broken, as to give us the energy, which keep us alive and active.

Chemical Energy is the oldest possible source of energy, no source of energy is as old as this one, and this is the most efficient type of energy that we can use and store. It is available everywhere and in everything which we see around ourselves. It can be easily found in everything which we use in our daily life it can be our mobile phone, our car, television, while cooking, while eating etc. this energy has been a source of life and power to several species for past several years and it will remain also a great source of power for the years to come. Nowadays the scientists are working to obtain a way by which Chemical Energy can be transformed and stored for future usage, that will certainly solve our power related problems.

Chemical Energy Source
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