Chemical Energy

Sometime what happens we do not understand the different forms of energy and power. Chemical energy is the energy which is used often by the human being. Chemical energy is that form of energy which is used by everyone daily but we do not bother on it. There are many examples of chemical energy like batteries used in cell phones, TV remotes and in many other objects.

The chemical energy is used while burning of fossil fuels. When gasoline is combusted our vehicles and coal is burned for producing energy then also chemical energy is used. Consider the capability of your body to do work. The glucose in your body consist “chemical energy” because the glucose produces energy when chemically reacted with oxygen.

Your muscles use this energy to produce mechanical force and heat. Chemical energy is a form of microscopic potential energy, which survives because of the electric and magnetic forces of attraction that occurs between the various parts of each molecule. The same attractive forces involved in thermal vibrations. These parts are rearranged in chemical reactions, releasing or adding to this potential energy.

Chemical energy produces by the reaction that occurs in chemical compounds. Chemical compound means set of many atoms that are bound with each other. Whenever the bonds of atoms loose or breaks it leads to chemical reaction and by this process new compounds are formed, immediately oxidation take place automatically.

Chemical reaction is known by the exothermic energy which produces in the heat form and by this process chemical compound reduction occurs.  Whenever this energy is produced we can harvest this energy in our day to day life.  Take an example when the sun light comes on the ground and than a chemical reaction occurs which produces chemical energy in the form of heat energy. At the time of chemical reactions, molecules can be destroyed. If a product is generated, than the chemical energy will be stored in the bonds that make up the molecules. If something is broken down, then chemical energy is released, typically called as heat as heat.

Chemical energy is present between the bonds of these atoms when these atoms loosely travel then chemical energy is produced. There is a unique example of this energy is whenever we eat food in our daily routine. These substances or food are broken down in small bonds and these bonds between the atoms travels and thus the energy which is produced by them is consumed by our body for doing work.

Chemical energy is used often by the human being and it is easy to get this energy and it is efficient form of energy which can be easily used and store. Chemical energy is that kind of energy that is used by the other species because it is a source of power and also a source of life for them.  Due to the technology development one can use chemical energy towards renewable energy source that will impact on our global future too.

Coal is used as a form of chemical energy.


Chemical Energy
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