More Stress On Renewable Energy Sources

With the original energy resources depleting, more and more stress is being placed on alternative sources of energy. The stress is more on renewable energy. Such form of energy is renewable in the sense that, it is self sustaining. With the conventional sources of energy like coal, fossil fuels dwindling from the face of the earth, it is now the turn of renewable sources of energy to become more evident and to be used for commercial instances as well. The main sources of renewable energy are solar energy, hydel power, biomass, wind energy and others.

Solar Energy
One of the most sustainable form of energy in the alternative sense is the solar energy. The solar energy is being utilized in many ways.

  • There are solar panels that are installed in buildings and homes to provide them electricity
  • Solar panels are alternative sources of electricity in such homes and buildings and help them to save on utility bills
  • Solar batteries have been developed that need to be recharged and then they can be used to run cars even
  • Solar cars, solar powered electric lighting in villages are some instances of commercial uses of solar energy

The best aspect of this form of energy is that, it is abundantly found everywhere, socially in equatorial and tropical countries. With the recharge technology made in such a way to retain the energy over a long period of time, it is one of the most cost effective sources of renewable energy till date.

Civilized society is struggling with the issues of waste management. One of the best ways of recycling waste is to put it to use in generating energy. In villages the use of cow dung to fuel stoves has been in use in many developing countries. The modern waste management companies are putting together technology that can recycle the organic waste and generate energy for different commercial uses.

Hydel Energy
Water is a scarce resource but it can be put to effective uses for generating power besides being used for living as well as for industrial uses. Hydel energy is a great way to generate power as well as use the same water to irrigate fields, for supplying to reservoirs, homes and industries. With the natural water reserves depleting, other way of increasing reusable water reserves are being sought out.

  • Water from seas are being desalinated to be used for domestic and drinking purposes
  • Rain water harvesting is being encouraged not only in farms but also in home and buildings to increase the water reserves and put less stress on the municipal water systems

hydel energy
Wind Energy

Another increasing form of energy source is being derived from wind energy. Wind vanes are put up in country sides and many energy companies are investing in wind farms. They harness the power of the wind in generating power. More encouragement and investments are required in such fields to encourage such renewable forms of energy.

More Stress On Renewable Energy Sources
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