Combine Experience And Technology To Solve Construction Challenges

When you are attempting to go through the process of designing, starting and completing a construction project, there are a lot of potential issues that can crop up along the way.  Two of the major issues that occur most often when it comes to completing a construction project are related to a plethora of change orders and the need for lengthy and frequent time delays.  These two problems often occur because there are issues with communication between all of the involved parties.  When it comes to completing a construction project, you have to make sure that all of the involved parties, including the design team, the architects, the facility owners and operators, the construction team and the zoning officials, are on the same page and are in constant communication.  With so many interested parties, it can be very difficult to ensure that there are no mistakes or miscommunications, meaning that there are often change orders and frequent time delays.  These issues can plague a construction project and make it very difficult to finish a project within the projected timeframe. 

This is where a company such as PC Associates can be of great use.  You only need to visit to see that this company can help ensure that the two major issues mentioned above are reduced.  They are able to achieve this through the use of their unique proprietary constructability and interdisciplinary coordination methodology program known as Remedy Check.  By using this incredibly effective program, PC Associates’ clients are able to maximize their efficiency and reduce the number of change orders and the occurrence and length of time delays by providing a reliable platform of coordination and organization for all of construction project’s involved parties.

PC Associates was initially founded in 1990 as a collection of professional contractors, architects and engineers who all have decades of experience in the field of construction.  Recently restructured as a certified Women’s Business Enterprise organization, the people at PC Associates combine their years of practical experience in the field with the newest technological advancements in the construction industry to ensure that they can be a useful tool and resource for construction projects.  By focusing on reducing the number of change orders and reducing the frequency and length of time delays, the company is able to attack the two major issues that make a construction project run past its projected timeline and budget.

The company offers a lot of different services that allow their clients to achieve the dual mandate of reducing the number of time delays and change orders.  One of the services that they offer is a comprehensive constructability review.  The main focus of the constructability review is on the completeness of the construction plans and detailing, the logic of detailing for the scheduling of trades, the logic behind the chosen construction phasing, and the general bid-ability and build-ability that the client possesses.  This includes checking to make sure that given the client’s resources, that it will be physically possible to complete the construction project.  It also means checking all of the small details to make sure that there are no minor issues, such as pipe leaks, that have the ability to damage and potentially ruin a construction project.

Other things that need to be taken under consideration include making sure that the staging, storage, and phasing are all logically accommodated for, and that the contractor does not have to make any guesses or perform any miracles when it comes to finishing the construction project.  By accounting for all of the small yet important details that go into successfully completing a construction project, as well as keeping an eye on the big picture, PC Associates helps their clients keep their eye on the prize of successfully finishing the construction project.

Combine Experience And Technology To Solve Construction Challenges
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