Carbon Dioxide And Its Impact On The Environment

Time To Wake Up
Many people are saying that the world is going to end. That if we do not go green and concentrate on becoming more sustainable in the way we use resources, it will soon be an end for the future generations of today. As it is, we are seeing rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air already that is making the air unhealthy to breathe. When we are in the city, we are exposing our bodies to the toxic fumes that are entering our systems and damaging our internal constitution. What most governments and organizations are now waking up to is the fact that there have to be elaborate measures taken in order to curb the damage rate and try and reverse the damage that has already been done.

Harmful Effects Of Carbon Dioxide
If you are wondering how the carbon dioxide in the air can be reversed, here are the following dilemmas:

  • It is not like the dust that will come back to earth
  • It will remain in the atmosphere even after centuries pass
  • The carbon dioxide is responsible for retaining back the infrared heat and the heat of the earth from escaping back to the atmosphere

That is a glimpse of how damaging is the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and to the human lives. It causes the green house effect. One of the main causes or effects of increase is the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is global warming and drastic climate change.


Weather Change
You might be noticing that the weather in your area is changing drastically over the years. The summers are more extreme but precipitation is also occurring more in the form of rainfall or snowfall at times of the year when it is not supposed to happen. Such climatic changes are being seen all over the world. The climate changes are making the Arctic Circle snow melt down. As that happens, the water levels will rise all over the world and many continents and water borne islands are at stake. The floods in rivers have become more extreme over the past years. These are all effect of global warming.

The carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air need to be controlled without wait. That is why many regulations have been introduced even at the international level. These regulations attempt to control the level of harmful emissions in the air by different organizations and industries in the following way:

  • Tax is levied if a certain level of permissible emissions is exceeded
  • There are credits issued for those who use alternative sources of energy
  • TheseĀ green credits can be traded in the market
  • The green power companies are encouraged to provide power and energy to industries in exchange for such credits

In such ways the governments and international legislative organizations are trying to control the harmful emissions that industries or vehicles let out and pollute the atmosphere. It is imperative that such regulations are made more stringent and effective to curb the damages.

Carbon Dioxide And Its Impact On The Environment
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