Types Of Energy

There are many forms of energy, these all energies measures the ability of an object.

Some important form of energy are given beneath :

Kinetic energy

There is a very good example of kinetic energy that is a baseball. Baseball has kinetic energy because when it is kicked it moves and when there is any motion we call it as kinetic energy. We can consider that it posses energy because it can perform work. The formula of kinetic energy is described in the other section.


Potential energy

If we believe that a book placed on the table, the book have potential energy because when  the book falls it will be accelerated by the gravitational force and it will produce kinetic energy.

Thermal or heat energy

If we take a hot cup of coffee then it will be considered that it has thermal energy or heat energy.  Hot cup of coffee consist of kinetic and potential energy because molecule moves and vibrates and they consists potential energy because they have mutual attraction.


Chemical energy

The capability of doing any work, the amount of glucose present in our body helps in measuring chemical energy. The glucose present in our body posses chemical energy because it produces energy in our body by reacting with oxygen.

Electrical energy

Matter consists atoms and atoms are made up with protons, neutrons and electrons. Electrons orbit near the center or nucleus of atoms same as the moon moves around the earth.

Many materials basically metal posses electrons (consist negative charge), they can easily move from one atom to another. Electrons moves if any electric field is supplied to them, when these electrons moves a current produces in it.

By this process electric current moves in wire, by the electric field these electrons moves among the atom which create the electrical current.

The energy moves from one place to another by this process repulsive interaction starts between the electrons.  By the same way the water molecules push each other and give pressure through the pipe carrying water.

In a circuit electrons move by a resistor, they interact with each other in the atoms. It helps the resistor to heat up and energy is delivered in the form of heat.  They create a magnetic field, through which it interacts with other magnets in the motor.  Thus ‘back pressure’ on the electron which become necessary for there to be transmitted from the applied voltage.

Electrochemical energy

If we consider energy stored in the battery, if we take an example of above including blood sugar, the battery stores its energy in its chemical form.  Electricity is also included in battery so that we can say that battery stores electro-chemically energy.

Electromagnetic energy

This energy is that kind of energy which is transmitted by the sun to the earth. Light, is also called as an electromagnetic radiation.

We usually consider that light is made up of photons. This word is derived by the term photo which means photo.  Protons are formed when charged particle like electron or proton is accelerated.

We can also describe the light as the waves, it is a bunch of energy these photons consist their frequency and wavelength.


Sound energy

Sound energy is waves that are compression waves connected with the potential and kinetic energy. When an object and moves it composites both kinetic and potential energy.


Nuclear energy

Nuclear reactor and the interior of the earth all consists nuclear reactions.  In the sun hydrogen nuclei combines with each other to form helium nuclei and that process is called as fusion. In the interior of earth uranium nuclei splits and this process is called fission. The below one is the formula for the energy:


This formula is discovered by the Einstein as the theory of special relativity.

If someone wants to calculate that how much energy is there, then that nuclear weapons only released a small fraction of the ‘intrinsic’ energy of component.

Types Of Energy
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