Energy Production

UK is the place that comprises abundant energy sources. The UK is producing energy because of the availability of resources that helps in developing energy production.


Natural gas

40% of energy production in UK is possible by the natural gas. Natural gas is the largest contributor of the energy production in UK by 2001. It became easy for them because of the availability of cheap and accessible gas reserve in the North Sea in 1965. After 40 year, these natural sources will be totally exhausted. Natural gas is that source of energy medium, which is better than oil and coal because it is a clean source of energy.  Natural gas is not bad for the environments because it suits with the government’s energy policy to generate a low carbon economy by decreasing carbon oxide emissions.



32% of energy production in UK depends upon the oil.  This discovery took place in 1970 in UK because of cheap and easily accessible oil reserves in the North Sea.  After 40 years, these reserves will be exhausted.



Coal is the main source of energy producer in UK, because of the heavy supply of coal in the fields of NE England, the coalfields of south west, Yorkshire. By 2001 uk‘s energy production is only 17 % from the coal.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is another source of energy that produces with the help of nuclear power and harnesses the energy, which is released by splitting atoms, mostly uranium. In this process, large amount of heat energy produces in the nuclear reactors, which are used to generate steam that drives the turbine to produce energy. At present time, there are 16 nuclear reactors present in UK; among 16 nuclear reactor eight are operated by the British nuclear fuels and the other by British energy.

The main work of nuclear power plant station is to produce electricity in UK they also produce quarter of Britain’s electricity.  There is one tiny fuel called pellet, can produce the same amount of electricity that can be produced by the half tones of coal.

Most of the Britain’s power stations are too old; they were constructed before 20- 25 years. These old power stations will be closed in 2023, after that only Sizewell B in Suffolk will work. This one is the most modern plant with advanced technology. It will generate 4% of the UK’s electricity needs.

If there are many benefits of nuclear plant then it has some pros and cons of it as it gives major impact on the diminishing source of UK energy production.


Renewable energy

UK is the place, which comprises ample of hilly areas so it is good for the UK to produce hydroelectricity generation.  In present time, UK is producing 0.2% energy with the help of this resource.

Uk is producing energy by using the wind, waves and tides,  the 1 % of energy is produced by these renewable resources.


Wave power

With the help of wave power UK is producing enough energy for the whole country.


Tidal power

The uk is producing its energy by using its best sites like the seven estuary.


Wind power

Many of the turbines are placed in UK that is called wind farms. 50% of electricity is produced by the wind farms in UK.

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