Wave Energy

Ocean waves are detained from the frictional drag of wind over the water surface or that occur on the surface of oceans, seas lakes and rivers. Ocean wave energy is usually derived from the transfer of winds on the surface of the ocean.

Waves produce when the wind blows on the surface of the ocean.  In the whole world, there are many places where wind blows with high velocity that causes continuous waves. Ocean waves consist great energy. There are many wave power devices, which pull out energy from the pressure fluctuates below the surface of the sea, lakes or river. Oceans are the best kind of source of energy because the energy is trapped with the natural forms like with the help of wind, tides, waves, marine currents etc.

Wave energy varies from one place to another, this energy cannot be harnessed everywhere effectively. There are many wave power rich areas like-the northern Canada, the western coasts of Scotland, southern Africa, Australia and the northwestern coasts of the United States.


Ocean wave energy technologies

There are ample of technologies have been projected to capture wave energy. There are many designs, which are demonstrating testing at commercial scales.

These wave technologies are designed to set up in the offshore, far offshore and near shore places.  The offshore and far offshore are concerned by the OCS Alternative Energy Programmatic EIS. Offshore systems are located deep in the water, usually more than 40 meters.

Above wave energy technology are placed under water while all the other wave energy technologies are installed near the water surface, it varies by their orientation to the waves with which they are interacting and how they convert the waves into other forms of energy like electricity. There are some wave technologies with recent development.

Terminator devices capture the energy of the wave and they are extended perpendicular in the same direction of wave travel. This device is placed onshore or near shore. The oscillating water column is a type of terminator in which water enters by a subsurface which opens into a chamber. Due to the wave movement captured water moves up and down just like a piston.

A point absorber is a type of floating structure, in which the components moves because of wave action.  This motion is used to force electromechanical or hydraulic converters.

Attenuators device are the long multi segmented floating structures slanting parallel in the direction of the waves.  Due to the different wavelengths, the segment is connected, causes flexing. In addition, this flexing is connected with hydraulic pumps or with the other converters.

Overtopping devices are those devices that have reservoirs that are overflowing with incoming waves to the levels above the average surrounding ocean. After this process, water is released and due to gravity, it falls back towards the ocean surface, the energy that is produced used by hydro turbines. Seagoing vessels also capture the energy of offshore waves.  Electricity is produced by the help of funneling waves with the help of internal turbines.

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