Green Technology Viability

What Is Green Technology?
Technology is a term that is used to refer the application of knowledge that is used for practical purposes. So technology that is dealing with green energy is known as green technology. Or planet is suffering due the immense amount of green house gases and pollutants that is being released into the atmosphere and the effects that this is creating is there for all to see. Global warming is a term that we hear quite often and the effects of global warming are many. To reduce this there are many new technological advancements that are being made that will help to reduce the negative impact that human involvement is doing to this planet. Green technology is classified as the application that involves one or more of environmental science, environmental monitoring, and green chemistry along with various electronic devices that help to model, monitor and also conserve the natural environment and the resources that our planet has to offer to us.

Some Of The Goals Of Green Technology

  • Source Reduction – By changing the production and consumption patterns, pollution and waste can be controlled
  • Sustainability – There are a lot of resources that are cannot be replenished and there should be methods used to ensure that the resources are there to meet our needs in the present while not compromising the resources so as to become unavailable for our future generations.
  • Innovation – Innovation is important in green technology. New alternative technologies have to be designed that will ensure that green energy is produced so that the damage to the environment can be reduced.
  • Cradle To Cradle Design – Most of the technologies that produce energy on the planet use the ‘cradle to grave’ design and this basically means that the products once used are thrown away to trash. Recycling of materials is a very important and new products being made should be ones that can be recycled.
  • Viability – Any new technology will only be a success if the project that is undertaken using the technology is viable. So there is a lot of focus on making new technologies viable and sustainable.

Green Tech Energy
Green Technology Subject Areas

  • Energy – Developing alternate fuels, greener methods of generating power and improving efficiency is the priority at the moment
  • Green Building – Making a building green by using green building materials, planning o the location of the building to reducing its energy requirement
  • Green Chemistry – This is to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances from being used or generated.
  • Green Nanotechnology – Applying green chemistry method along with green engineering principles to change the way things are manufactured.

Educating People On Green Technologies
It is very important to educate people on what is happening to planet earth due to the sustained usage of the natural resources and the pollution that is being caused by us. Without the knowledge on what is happening and what has to be done to reduce these atrocities on planet earth, we will never be able to make the usage of green technologies a successful venture. Although there are many governments that are giving tax rebates for using green energy options at home and are also providing subsidies for green energy equipments. But there is a lot more that has to be done to ensure that our planet is still there for the future generation to live in.

Green Technology Viability
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